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::Technology & Specifications

A state-of-the-art, multimedia vending machine designed for singing and instantly recording your own quality CD, uploading your performance to the Web, creating a video intro and sending a sing-a-gram to a friend, and even entering Web based talent competitions. Music recording and production can be expensive and complicated, but the Automated Recording Studio and the Starbooth® Vending Network transforms this process into an automatic,affordable , and fun-filled experience for everyone.

Technology & Specifications

  • Patent pending, fully automated, compact, sound resistant, remotely monitored, multimedia studio vending machine network.

  • Delivers instant CD production, E-mail/Web upload of customer vocal performance /video intro and automatic CD dispensing.

  • Offers a true recording studio experience by using professional quality equipment.

  • Simple touch screen user-interface with audio & visual guidance.

  • Utilizes mobile wireless Internet technology to monitor and report machine’s revenue, operations, statistics, music royalties, and system alerts in real-time.

  • Configured for remote support.

  • Optionally transfers customer’s recording and video intro to Starbooth’s multimedia social-network website (similar in nature to “You Tube”, “My-Space”, “Facebook” etc.) This process self-promotes the use of the recording stations by consumers.

  • Utilizes robotics, dispensing mechanisms, recording studio peripherals, touch-screens, custom software, server based technology, mobile Internet, and multiple payment methods.

  • High-quality, self-contained, fully automated, sound resistant, free-standing unit, measures 3.5’ deep by 3.8’ wide by 6.6’ feet high.